Things to know about BlockChain Technologies

  • The most attention seeking topics such as the crypto currency, digital currency, e wallets are based on the concepts of Blockchain Technology.
  • Blockchain is as significant as internet 25 year ago.
  • Some famous Publishers like, the New York Times, the Forbes are showing the increasing favoritism of blockchain technology around the globe and corporate world.
  • Cyber security, data encryption, transparency in supply chain and topic related with data privacy are the Booming topics and are based on blockchain concept.
  • According to the New York times, by 2020 blockchain will turn into one of the most powerful technology.
  • Bit coin, Bittrex, Gemini, GDAX, Coinbase, Kraken or Bit stamp are the example of blockchain Industry and its market value.
  • The global leaders are confidently saying that, Blockchain have the great potential for start ups and the currents figure show that, the requirement of blockchain expertise is increasing by 5% every day.
  • By the most recent report of, there is growth of 631 % in the last two years only related to Blockchain technology.
  • 15 out of 18 industries are demanding crypto currency and blockchain technology knowledge.
  • In 2017, the global blockchain technology market is predicted to reach 339.5 million U.S. dollars in size and is forecast to grow to 2.3 billion U.S. dollars by 2021
  • There were around 15 million blockchain wallet users worldwide, with 200,000 users being added each month globally in a report by Economic times.
  • In 2017, global investment into blockchain/bitcoin-focused startups amounted to just over one billion U.S. dollars.

BlockChain Course

BlockChain is a promising new technology that can enhance transaction networks in banking, finance, and other supply chains. It provides the technology based on a shared payment ladder gateway which can be used to save a large amount of time. It reduces the time taken for recording transactions and removes additional costs associated with the transactions. Learning the basics of BlockChain through this course can give you a competitive edge while looking for a top-notch job. The course helps you know more about BlockChain for business while exploring the key usage of the technology.

The course focuses on introducing learners the basics of BlockChain and ways through which it facilitates transfer of money in different areas with ease and effortlessness. You will also learn the common transaction challenges faced nowadays by different businesses and how this new approach of BlockChain technology can solve the purpose.

Who Should learn

BlockChain is the mechanism behind the transaction occurring under Bitcoin. Hence, the technology has provided ample interest and job opportunities for IT professionals. This course will accomplish the goals of individuals like:

  • IT developers
  • Technicians and technologists with an interest in learning BlockChain like concepts of Ethereum and Hyperledger
  • Entrepreneurs who wish to realize their idea of BlockChain technology
  • Information architects trying to expand their knowledge base to BlockChain
  • IT scientists who are curious to know the ways BlockChain technology is changing the way business is done
  • People interested in technologies of ICO and ERC20 Tokens

Course Syllabus

1. Introduction to Blockchain

  • What is Blockchain?
  • History of Blockchain
  • Explaining Distributed Ledger
  • Blockchain ecosystem
  • Explaining Distributed Ledger

2. Types of Blockchain

  • Private/Consortium/Permission-less
  • Public/Permissioned implementation difference
  • What Blockchain has to offer across Industry?
  • Companies currently using Blockchain

3. Key Concepts of the Blockchain

  • Mining - Mining algorithm
  • Node, peer and block explanation
  • Merkle tree and Blockchain
  • Consensus Mechanisms- proof of work , proof of stake
  • How Bitcoin Blockchain works?
  • What is Transaction?

4. Key Concepts of the Blockchain

  • Block mining
  • Concept of miners
  • Type of miners and mining pools

5. Introduction to Ethereum

  • Ethereum : Blockchain with smart contract
  • What is Ether?
  • Bitcoin vs Ethereum Blockchain
  • What is Ethereum wallet?
  • What is Smart Contract?
  • Ethereum clients
  • Geth Introduction
  • Setting up Private Blockchain using Geth

6. Learn Solidity (to be expanded)

  • Introduction to solidity
  • Hands on solidity
  • Understand and implement different usecases
  • Implement and deploy smart contract on Blockchain

7. Implement Dapp

  • Setting up the environment
  • Tools to install – Truffle , Metamask ,Mist
  • Implement and deploy your first Dapp
  • Different usecases for implementation of Dapp
  • Web3j libraries.
  • Build your first smart contract to generate tokens on testnet

8. Future Scope

  • Talk about the future of the Blockchain
  • What is Hyperledger?
  • What is Hashgraph?
  • Discussion on current research on Blockchain
  • Understand current industry challenges and needs
  • Scope and type of industry projects
  • Introduction to ICOs


Learners who wish to initiate the BlockChain course should have a fundamental knowledge of BlockChain. An additional support will be the knowhow of cloud computing, HTML, JavaScript, NPM and CSS. In case if you have already laid the development of software applications using backend or frontend or both technologies, this course will be very interesting for you

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